The Work #1 (Digital Copy)

Andrew Sebastian Kwan


There is a conspiracy amongst Solara City’s superhumans. While it might seem like the heroes fight the villains to protect truth, justice and other stuff, there’s a more sinister reason as to why they really battle it out everyday. The Party is a secret society made up of the 1% and they created and employ the entire super- powered community to both entertain and further the organization’s ambitions for the city.

While they sit back and enjoy the show, “Agents” are the people with their boots on the ground. managing super humans, organizing fights and the occasional cover-up to make sure the whole business runs smoothly. Our leading lady, Scarlet is a new recruit who is being trained by Conner Thomas- The Party’s best Agent. Scarlet seems like a genuinely good person. Unfortunately, that doesn’t count for much here. Her will is tested as Conner tries to assimilate her into a world that seems dirtier and dirtier every moment. She’s a lion… that’s stuck in a cage with dragons. 

The first 30-page issue!

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    34 pages
  • Size110 MB
  • Length34 pages
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The Work #1 (Digital Copy)

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